Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer, showing the new stage

The Street Fighter 6 community's patience for Ed, the game's next DLC character, has paid off today as Capcom is set to release the game's official trailer at 3pm PT.

In addition to bringing the roster count to 21, the Psycho Power boxer will likely introduce a new fighting style to the arena since his boxing-based style is not often represented by the characters currently available. Keep seeing the new fighter in action.

Ed was first introduced as a playable character in the second season of Street Fighter 5, and was specifically designed to accommodate new players as he boasted simplified inputs not unlike those seen in Street Fighter 6's modern control scheme.

This naturally leads us to one of our first questions to answer today: How will the developers differentiate between Ed's classic and modern control styles?

We only got to see Ed in action a few weeks ago when his trailer dropped in mid-January. This trailer gave us nearly a minute of Ed's character model as he thwarts Mad Gear baddies on a subway train.

This reveals that a number of Ed's signature moves return with him, such as the Psycho Snatcher and his cool footwork.

As any veteran player will tell you, those considering shelling out the extra cash to play as Ed will want to see how these moves work in the context of an actual round.

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While we'll likely have to wait for frame data details, today's trailer should give us a substantial idea of ​​what Ed brings to Street Fighter 6. Check out the full trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments afterwards.

An added surprise to this trailer is the fact that the first new stage of SF6 is on the way. The new battle arena is called Ruined Lab and consists of the remains of the Shadaloo base from Street Fighter 5's A Shadow Falls storyline.

Many familiar items are scattered about the space, perhaps most notably M. Besson's hat, which sits ominously on a chair at the center of the stage.

Ed will be available on February 27th after the Capcom Cup events. Players can access the new fighter via the Year 1 character pass or purchase it separately for 350 Fighter Tokens, equivalent to about $7 USD.

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