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The Oscars red carpet takes place on the famous steps of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Here’s how to watch the Oscars red carpet in 2023 (Image: Getty Images)

Are you ready for the biggest night in Hollywood? The 2023 Academy Awards are scheduled to take place tonight, March 12th at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for the 95th Academy Awards not only for the ceremony itself, of course, but also for the pre-show red carpet events, where celebrities are shown dressed to the nines. Fun fact for you: the red carpet will actually be champagne this year! Here’s some info on the 2023 Oscars red carpet and how to watch or stream it — whether you have cable or not.

When does the 2023 Oscars Red Ceremony start? On which channel is the Oscars red carpet shown?

ABC News will kick off its special pre-Oscars coverage with “On The Red Carpet Live: Countdown to Oscars 95” on Sunday, March 12 at 1pm EST / 10am PDT. (Note that the hours are moving forward this Sunday due to daylight savings time!) You can get coverage on ABC, which is available on all cable and satellite packages. You can also watch it on streaming providers like YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, and more — you can learn more about them in our guide on how to watch the Oscars.

Mail! The channel will air its own coverage of the Red Carpet program, titled “E! Live from the Red Carpet,” beginning at 2pm EST / 11am PDT. However, it is not freely available; You’ll need to subscribe to a cable or pay-TV provider like YouTube TV and Hulu Plus Live TV to watch it — more on that below.

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Why isn’t the carpet red at the Oscars?

For the first time, the carpet at the 2023 Academy Awards will not be red. Rather, it will be the color of champagne. The organizers wanted to “reimagine” the event this year with a different vibe; They loved champagne because it’s a calming, relaxing color that wouldn’t clash with an orange tent set up for attendees.

Can I watch the Oscars red carpet for free?

Fortunately, you can follow ABC Red Carpet coverage live on the ABC News website without having to log in.

When and where will the 2023 Oscars be held?

The 2023 Academy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, March 12, from the Dolby Theater at the Ovation Hollywood Shopping Center in Los Angeles.

When will the 2023 Oscars be broadcast?

The show begins at 8pm EST / 5pm PT and runs for three hours until 11pm EST / 8pm PT.

How can I watch the Oscars if I don’t have cable?

If you don’t have cable or satellite, you can watch the Oscars on streaming providers like YouTube TVAnd Live TV Hulu plusAnd sling tvAnd Fubo TV And DirecTV Stream.

You You can find out more about it in our guide on how to watch the Oscars.

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