Square Enix launches new SQEX PETS brand featuring pet products based on Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest – Kingdom Hearts News

Square Enix Announce Launching its new pet merchandise brand SQEX PETS, which will contain various pet merchandise such as leashes, bandanas, clothing, beds and toys based on Kingdom Hearts series as well Final fantasy And Dragon Adventure.

except Dragon Adventure Elements, Final fantasy And Kingdom Hearts The elements were supervised by Tetsuya Nomura, who also serves as character designer, game designer, and director Kingdom Hearts And Final fantasy. He also designed and painted Logo For final fantasy and pets.

the Kingdom Hearts and Pets The merchandise line contains six items

  • Monogram cafe mat

  • Sora dog clothes

  • Bandana pets monogram

  • Monogram pet bed

  • Monogram pet leash

  • Baboo Fruit Rope Game

You can take a closer look at the items in our gallery below

It should be noted that the products are currently listed as coming soon, and there is currently no release date or pricing information available for them as they are still under development and may not go on sale depending on their development status.

Will you buy? Kingdom Hearts Goods for your pets? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to our team Ryuji For translations.

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