The latest update to threads adds a Follows tab, but it doesn’t do what you want

Threads get a follow tab, but it’s not just the following feed that users are asking for. As described in this post from Thread developer Cameron RothThe new tab appears on the app’s Activity page and only lets you see a list of users who have followed you recently.

Threads previously listed your new followers in the All tab of the Activity page, so this isn’t a huge change – it just makes it easier to find your new followers. There are also two other filters for Quotes and Reposts, which allow you to filter recent activity by who has reposted or quoted your post.

Additionally, Topics posts translations, which should come in handy if you’re following people from different countries. While I don’t see the option myself yet, Roth says the feature will emerge Below the post, next to the Like, Reply, Repost, and Share buttons.

Other minor changes include the ability to receive notifications from users you don’t follow, improvements to activity feed scrolling, and the option to follow people from the post’s replies section. If you don’t see these changes right now, Roth says, you may need to restart your app or wait until the end of the day. However, it is still not clear when these changes will arrive on Android.

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