Spanish athlete resurfaces after 500 days underground

“For a year and a half I didn’t talk to anyone, I was alone with myself,” 50-year-old Beatriz Flamini told a press conference in Motril, a small town in the south of Andalusia (southern part of Spain). , near the beach.

510 days to November 21, 2021 – For a scientific experiment – she came out of a cave 10 kilometers away, with the help of a speleologist, about two hours ago. Assess the physical and mental impact of total isolation and loss of time markers.

Beatrice Flamini apologized several times for her difficulty finding words, explaining that she had only books, artificial light and cameras to record her experience, but no phone or device to know the time of year or day.

“There are many such challenges, but nothing with all the characteristics of these: alone, completely isolated, without contact with the outside, without (natural) light, without reference to time,” commented member David Reiss. of the Andalusian Federation of Speleology, responsible for the preservation of Flamini.

Spain’s Tourism Minister Hector Gomez praised the athlete’s performance in an interview with Spanish public television (TVE), describing it as an “expression of radical resistance”.

According to the Spanish press, this would be the world record for the longest time spent underground in total isolation.

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