“I would have written this story better if it wasn’t true”

Two women, two trumps. The miracle of copying took place on Thursday, May 9, at a trial against the former president for falsifying documents, and there was little debate about it. First, Stormy Daniels, who admits to hating him, but now has to give him world fame. The other, Madeleine Westerhout, was invited to work with him as an executive assistant in the White House.

The contrast between these witnesses — the ex-porn star, all nails, and the precious secretary, handkerchief in hand to wipe away her tears — goes beyond their looks. Stormy Daniels stumbled through a storm of cross-examination Tuesday that questioned her credibility and her story about her affair with Donald Trump. Madeleine Westerhout described a caring, honest, hard-working president, but above all an exemplary husband, about whom the jury had never heard. Neither is the American public.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Susan Nessels, took over the morning to indict Stormy Daniels. She began to question his reputation and, among countless questions, repeated these simple words: “To make money”. “I asked for money to tell my story”Stormy Daniels fired back “I put a target on my back and my family”. So, in 2016, just before the presidential election, a confidentiality agreement was signed by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

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Susan Nechelles portrayed the actress as a seamstress, a sexual relationship the former president continues to deny. Before discussing derivative products, he quoted $800,000 (€742,000) as the revenue for his book. The judges found a candle in the title “Storm Holy Charges”, T-shirts, a comic strip in his glory, were sold online. Is she this rich? “A bit like Mr Trump”she mentions.

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“My Own Vulnerabilities”

There was indeed something curious about this angle of attack against the former actress. Donald Trump has written many books. He has built his own brand in a thousand possible mediums to repeatedly raise funds from his supporters, especially during his legal troubles. Lately it’s $399 gold sneakers and even a Bible. “God Bless America”, 60 dollars. Not to mention hats, t-shirts, mugs, photos, albums.

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