SNL’s Marjorie Taylor Green warns that Easter is gay

Easter is here and Saturday Night Live Was in the mood for Christmas this weekend. After the candid greeting of the Easter Bunny to Boyen Yang, the show gave several cast members a chance to give their best impressions and “share their hopes” for the spring season.

Was first up Kate McKinnon Dr. Anthony Fauci, who warned viewers that the numbers of COVID-19 “like Jesus” are “rising again.” He then added, “If you get vaccinated, you’ll be fine. And if you don’t, I’m not supposed to say this, but I honestly don’t care what happens to you.”

came next Marjorie Taylor Green in Cecily Strongwho appeared with a chocolate gun to explain that she had been wishing her fellow Jews and Muslims a “Happy Easter” all week long.

“Now I’m worried about Easter,” she continued. “Between the Bastille and Jelly Beans, this holiday has become more than LGBTQRST for me. And there is nothing like me on Easter, the day when a group of male priests worship a shirtless man with a big belly, and then talk about wanting to eat his body. These are straight things!” “

“So happy Easter and God bless Russia – I mean America,” she concluded. “But they kinda both, right?”

Then, after messages from Chris Reed Mayor Eric Adams, Elon Musk from Mickey Day, Britney Spears from Chloe Feynman, and Kyle Mooney, who introduced himself as Jesus before revealing that he was actually Jared Leto, James Austin Johnson Donald Trump He appeared before Yang had a chance to say, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

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“I was told we’re doing Easter wishes, and I didn’t get my turn,” Trump said. “This is very unfair. Another example of how horribly white people are treated in this country.”

After shouting incoherently for a few minutes, the former president reminded Americans that he once said Covid would be over by Easter: “I didn’t say any.”

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