Skate 4 video leak, pulled by EA, is setting the internet on fire anyway

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picture: EA / Kotaku

EA seems to have quickly stolen the leaked footage of 4 . skate before you can take the rounds. In other news, have you heard of Streisand effect?

Or not Unveiled in June 2020And 4 . skate It is the highly anticipated revival of an EA that has been dormant for a long time Ski A series, which experts say (hello) is the best skateboard game of all time. Instead of some celebrity-branded skateboarding, Ski Its sequences emphasize realistic physics. You can use your thumb stick to pop pops, or tap them with varying intensity in different directions to pull, for example, flip-flops, assorted flip-flops, triple flips, etc.

Early – and I mean Is that true Snapshots of 4 . skate Looking to continue that tradition, sort of. grumble About a Ski The playtest was distributed earlier this week. (Kotaku EA was not invited to participate in the test.) Yesterday, one user appears to have been in a session 33-second clip uploaded To Odysee, the video platform. This link is now not leading anywhere, the footage is gone… but not before the gamesJeff Grubb posted the clip via Twitter, where it has gone on to amass nearly 200,000 views as of this writing:

Although the footage is muddy, obviously using prototyping assets, you can specify the brand Ski Play. The skate avatar moves smoothly on the pavement, revealing quick tricks, nasal glides, and even chaotic switching.

The footage also shows some off-board parkour, in keeping with the realism that underscores the series’ skateboarding mechanics. You can, according to the clip, do the front flip on flat ground. (Skilled action sports professionals can’t do that with any problem.) But trying to do a double flip from a 15-foot ledge seems to cause the skater’s avatar to fall, grabbing his ankles in pain. (Even skilled action sports professionals IRL are likely to see the same result without proper training.)

It is unclear what this short clip of the timeline of . means 4 . skateWhat does it mean when the public gets a chance to see the official gameplay, or if EA’s marketing department will eventually find a genius idea and design it as Sk4te. last year, EA said the game wasn’t ready In “prime time”, it is proactively advertising that it will not be in the late summer show. In March, the mega publisher She canceled her annual big summer exhibitionwhich is usually hosted around E3 (Also canceled this year). Instead, “She will reveal more about [its] projects when the time is right for each,” in a statement given to IGN.

EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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