Dutch fan of Ronaldo from Nigeria, Groeneveld is possibly a future Manchester United star

The recent successes of Villarreal are usually associated with the name of the team’s head coach Unai Emery. As you know, the range “from triumph to failure” is one of the largest among famous coaches. And it seems that the work with the “yellow submarine” is closer to creating a positive image. But as usually happens, the success of a team from which this is not expected is associated not only with the name of the coach. We recommend you 22Bet online casino in Tanzania as that’s a real reliable bookmaker.

More precisely, usually the coach, pulling the team to the top, also reveals personal heroes. We already knew about the talent and skill of some of them: from Parejo to Albiol and from Rugli to Moreno. But, perhaps, the main character, the main discovery of Villarreal this season was the Dutchman Arno Danzhuma Groeneveld. The 25-year-old winger has 14 goals in 30 appearances for Villarreal this season and is one of the top clubs’ most coveted players in his position. So it makes sense to take a closer look. Because after his winning goal for Bayern in the Champions League, it is simply impossible to remain silent.

However, Groeneveld tries to treat his abilities and their disclosure without youthful maximalism, more balanced, which reveals in him a slightly more mature person than those very colleagues in the shop who are all praised at 16-17 years old. Working with Emery and aligning with players like Ronaldo and Mbappe make Danjuma’s style even at 25 years old, when in general he should already be formed:

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“I prefer to play on the left, to be able to move to the center. I think this is my best position. But I know that I can play as a centre-forward, in pairs, and on the wing. Modern players need to have different characteristics and play in different positions, because the higher the level of the game, the more tools you need to win. I have physical data like Mbappe. They can still be developed and developed.

It seems to me that I can play in two positions at the same time, but it all depends on the plan and the desire of the coach. I think it was my versatility that attracted Emery. In training, I work with him in different positions, on the peculiarities of playing them. My main characteristic is unpredictability. When you can dribble, give accurate passes, suddenly shoot on goal, break through at speed, the opponent simply will not know what to focus on. It is only important to hone your tools and understand which one to turn on at the right time.

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