Single: “Being out of a relationship seems to be a trendy model today”

If this “single day” has become an excuse for all kinds of commercial activities over the years, it is also an opportunity to question the status of the “single” in these 2020s, especially amid the proliferation of med applications.

In France, there are less than 18 million single people according to the latest INSEE census (2017). Among them, 37% were females and 43% were males. But to begin with, what does it really mean to be single today? In the 1960s, the development of cohabitation evolved beyond categories established by civil status (married, single, widowed). “The term is always used to describe the marital status of an individual, unmarried person, even if they live as a couple. But, most of the time, when we talk about “single”, we mainly mean a person who is not in a relationship.Sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann explains, author of many articles on the theme of cooperation

“I have extramarital affairs, am I unfaithful?”

“A way to prolong your youth”

As for society’s view of single people, we also observe a clear evolution, according to the expert. “In the past, society’s judgment was harsher on ‘old men’ and ‘old women.'” But over the past forty years, singles have become less stigmatized, and today they can be seen as “trendy” models of autonomy and independence, a way to extend one’s youth. through The sociologist points out. A “trendy” model, celibacy? Some studies confirm this. This is the case that Tinder made “Single Not Sorry. Celibacy according to Gen Z in France”, was conducted between 9 and 17 January 2019 among a French population of 500 singles aged 18 to 25 (and published in February of the same year). 74% of them said they made the decision to be single on purpose. “In certain contexts, such as family reunions, the marital norm emerges from the depths, as if it had not been completely suppressed.” Adds Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

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The evolution of the solo lifestyle owes a lot to the now common use of dating apps. Anna Hinszhak is Chief Marketing Officer at Pure. This independent dating application was launched in the United States in 2013 by two Ukrainians, Roman Sydorenko and Oleksandr Kuhtenko, and in 2015 expanded to other countries such as France. On this “one-day” occasion, Pure (whose users are mostly Generation Z, under the age of 25) has teamed up with Dutch sex toy brand Biird to launch the “Gii x Pure” female sex toy. Idea (Marketing): “Celebrate individuality and self-reliance.” Advances, knowing that women represent 52% of net users liberationAnna Hinszhak.

Pure is considered an app dedicated to “sex projects”. In other words, the platform is a playground where singles and free couples can instantly get naughty (especially since the app lets you send photos. Nudes (naked) Once consulted by the recipient, the screenshot is automatically deleted without possibility). Anna Hinstaciak sparks it, talking about a tool that encourages open relationships and casual dates. “Sure, some singles go from sex date to sex date. But that’s not the case for everyone. Many of our users are in open relationships, while others are exploring.She analyzes. But one of the big trends we’ve noticed at Pure is the practice of ENM relationships for non-ethical monogamy (French for “non-consensual monogamy”). We notice that more and more people in relationships are looking for intimate or sexual relationships without communicating with their partner.

In May, Meetic launched the Even app for single parents in France, Germany and the UK. User Profile: Single mothers and fathers aged 30 to 45 years. “The app is also open to non-parents who understand the single parent lifestylecites its spokeswoman Marion Graff liberation. In May 2023, we conducted a survey of 1,000 single parents by Ipsos Digital to find out their concerns, their obstacles and their fears and their aspirations in terms of dating. The survey revealed that 59% of single parents say they are too busy with their daily lives to have time to meet new people.”

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55% of parents say their children are “ghosted” after

And to add that the “ghost” phenomenon (no longer giving any news after a virtual exchange), in their case, is particularly important: more than 55% of single parents declare in the aforementioned study; “Ghosting” after mentioning they have children on an application or dating site. “With the diversity of dating apps, we can say that singles today are spoiled for choice.Marion Graf continues. On the other hand, things are different for more celibate and non-chosen single parents. He hailed World Singles Day as an opportunity to highlight those we talk about the least, namely these single parents.

Sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann explains that he wants to democratize the term “solos” to refer to individuals, taking a careful look at dating apps: “Singles face virtual saturation, feeling excited by the idea that their lives can change with nothing but meetings or a click or match.” And to remind: “Singles is not a separate category. We all feel lonely at some point in our lives.

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