Vladimir Putin’s new best friend has died suddenly

The list of suspicious deaths surrounding the Russian president goes on and on. The latest is Vladimir Sungorkin, editor of a pro-Kremlin newspaper.

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MYesterday, the death of Ivan Pechor, a close friend of Vladimir Putin, added to a long list of Russian energy industry leaders dying mysteriously. At the age of 39, he was a trusted man of the Russian elite for the development of the Arctic. He “fell” off his own boat.

Around this time, the editor of a Russian newspaper suddenly died of a heart attack

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. Vladimir Sungorkin was 68 years old. He ran the pro-Kremlin newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (said to be Vladimir Putin’s “favorite newspaper”). He died while on a business trip to a city in eastern Russia. It is not known whether it was a mysterious death.

Vladimir Tsungorkin is one of the Russian public figures placed on the European Commission’s sanctions list following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the commission, he was “one of the main propagandists responsible for activities of manipulation and interception of foreign information”. He spread and legitimized anti-Russian Ukraine propaganda.

Vladimir Putin has sent a personal message to the close relations of the former headmaster.

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