Parliamentary elections in Finland: Sanna Marin admits defeat, right wins, followed by far-right

The center-right party won Finland’s legislative elections on Sunday, narrowly ahead of the Nationalist Party, and Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats could lose the prime ministership, according to estimates by radio and television Yle.

According to the public broadcaster’s forecast, which is usually close to the final result, Petteri Orbo’s National Alliance party will win the most seats, with 48 representatives, ahead of the Finns’ anti-immigration party with 46, a new record. and Social Democratic SDP (43).

The party candidate who comes first is traditionally prime minister in Finland, and he can muster a majority in parliament.

Social Democratic Prime Minister Sanna Marin conceded defeat in Finland’s parliamentary election on Sunday, with center-right parties beating nationalists.

Congratulations to the winner of the election, congratulations to the National Alliance, congratulations to the Finns Party, democracy has spoken“, the 37-year-old leader, who will lose his post, said in front of his supporters.

NCP President Petteri Orbo said it was a victory. “We have a huge mandate“, he said in a speech to his supporters.

According to Yle’s estimates the differences in the vote are even smaller: 20.9% for the centre-right, 20.3% for the far-right and 19.7% for the Social Democrats.

The outgoing Prime Minister has called for the final results. “Let’s wait till the end. I am very grateful to the people who voted for the Social Democrats in droves“, she faced her rivals on the Yle set.

All three parties are actually progressing in 2019 compared to the last elections, with the Finns Party’s nationalists promising a record.

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It’s a projection, so let’s take it as is, but it’s a great result“, commented its president Rika Burra.

The legislative elections in the country of 5.5 million people coincide with the country’s official entry into NATO, which borders Russia, expected in the coming days. Famous abroad and in Finland, Sanna Marin calls herself a “Rockstar PM“But he is very divisive in his country, where he is criticized for public finances and inflation.

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