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Chicago native Dorothy Hafner went viral earlier this month by skydiving at the age of 104. Unfortunately he died a few days after achieving that feat. Passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday evening. This leap earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

“She had great energy and was mentally alert until the end,” her nurse told the AP.

“Age is just a number”

On October 1, Dorothy left her walker on the ground and made a tandem jump from 4,100 meters. This feat should have put him in the famous record books as the world’s oldest parachutist. “Age is a number,” Dorothy said, planting both feet on the floor again.

This is not the first time the senior has jumped from a plane. She already had the chance to try skydiving when she was 100 years old. Footage of her final jump shows how much the girl enjoyed the experience. That blissful smile, total peace in his eyes. Maybe she needed this before she died in peace.

Nurse Joe Conant said the necessary documentation is being prepared to certify (posthumously) that he is the oldest American parachutist of all time. The previous record was set in May 2022 by 103-year-old Swede Linnea Ingegaard Larsson.

“Source of Inspiration”

Skydive Chicago and the United States Parachute Association honored Hafner in a statement yesterday: “We mourn Dorothy’s passing and are proud to have participated in her record-breaking feat,” the statement said. “Skydiving is an activity that many of us forget somewhere on our bucket list. Through her actions, Dorothy reminds us that it’s never too late to enjoy the thrill of your life. We are forever grateful to have been a part of his vibrant and well-lived life.

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According to her nurse, Dorothy attached little importance to the record: “She wasn’t interested in being famous or anything like that. “She did it because she really wanted to go skydiving.” He concludes with emotion: “She was a great friend. She was an inspiration.

Dorothy Hafner, 104, waves to the crowd with tandem jumper Derek Baxter and his friend Joe Conant after becoming the world’s oldest person to skydive Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa. © AB

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