Rumor: The Switch 2 is said to be fully backwards compatible with a larger 1080p screen

Image: Damian McFerran/Nintendo Life

Ah, another day, another “Switch 2” rumor (we know you love it). Hot on the heels of a recent report detailing a new magnetic controller setup, comes the latest information dump from the Chinese peripheral manufacturer Mobabad (Thanks Wccftech And Games industry).

According to Mobabad Blog postThe Switch's successor will be a “conservative evolution” of the current models; Closer to the “refined Pro model”. As previously rumored, the system's screen will actually be larger and support 1080p resolution (current controllers max out at 720p), while the new, larger Joy-Con controllers will rely on a current-controlled “electromagnetic suction docking structure.” The electrician.

Additionally, the “ZL” and “ZR” buttons appear to be metal when in fact the new controllers will include a completely new button on the left and right sides. No additional information has been provided to explain what this button is called or how it works, but we're certainly interested. A new function button has reportedly been added below the home button on the right Joy-Con.

What will undoubtedly come as good news is that the new console is said to be fully compatible with both digital and physical Switch games, with a cartridge slot allowing existing Switch carts to be inserted. Not only that, the Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controllers are also said to work well (although it's likely that only the Remote Joy-Cons will work given the new magnetic structure).

Finally, the dock itself will function in the same way as current models, but will include a metal damping strut for improved angle adjustment. It will reportedly be slightly different in appearance while allowing for 4K resolution support. Mmm, delicious stuff.

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Again, it's worth highlighting these things, but we must stress that any information regarding the Switch 2 should be considered rumors until it is officially confirmed by Nintendo. No offense to Mobapad, but when Gameshark AI claimed to know the console's release date before quickly retracting it, our BS radar was on full blast.

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