Seth Rogen wife Lauren Miller Rogen brain aneurysm surgery


Lauren Miller Rogen revealed this week that she underwent surgery to treat a brain aneurysm.

Miller Rogen, who is married to actor and producer Seth Rogen, shared her experience during a speech she gave at the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA on Wednesday, according to the British Daily Mail. the people.

Because dementia runs in her family, Miller-Rogen explained that she sought a full-body MRI several years ago “to take a deeper look at anything that might be lurking inside me that might affect my longevity.”

She revealed: “They of course found this kind of aneurysm in my head. So of course, this was terrifying information, and made me think of my great-grandmother, whose fate I certainly didn’t want to emulate.

At first, Miller-Rogen said, the aneurysm “stayed small.” She later underwent surgery at UCLA to address her condition when doctors noticed last year that her size had increased.

“I am truly grateful to Dr. Colby and his entire team and all the staff at UCLA who guided us through this terrifying experience that I am truly grateful to have overcome,” Miller-Rogen added.

She founded the non-profit Hilarity for Charity in 2012 to raise money for dementia care and research.

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