Senior British officials worry about war with Russia: 'History risks repeating itself'

A critical observation in Great Britain: the army was never so small. Over the past decade, the Army has grown from 97,000 full-time trained soldiers to 76,000. The new plan plans to reduce that number to 73,000.

This Wednesday, General Sir Patrick Saunders is scheduled to address the military exhibition. According to the Telegraph, the military is more concerned about the declining numbers and the increasing number of conflicts in the world. Earlier, he had already criticized the government, explaining that the situation could become dangerous. “The British public must be mobilized if England goes to war with Russia.He promised to telegraph.

This call for mobilization is clear to him, and it marks a dark period in history. “It's 1937″, he explained then. “We are not in a state of war, but we must act quickly to avoid getting involved and delaying territorial expansion.

A comment shared by General Lord Dannett in a Times article condemning this state of affairs. “History is in danger of repeating itself”He insists. “In the 1930s, the poor state of the British armed forces failed to deter Hitler. If our armed forces are not strong enough to deter future aggression from Moscow or Beijing, it is not a small war that we have to face, but a big one.

Authoritarian governments take advantage of our shyness

In the political sphere, too, there is concern about the state of the British Army. Former British Defense Minister and Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood sounds the alarm. “Patrick Sanders tells us to prepare for what's on the horizon as authoritarian governments exploit our timidity., adds Tobias Ellwood to Sky News. “The world currently has a 1939 atmosphere. Authoritarian regimes are taking up arms again. The West does not want to take the risk of acting against them, and global organizations such as NATO cannot hold them to account. Our world is no longer at peace. We are heading towards a world of war. Britain absolutely has a role to play, but we need to improve our security posture.”

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The warning comes days after a senior NATO military official warned that the West must prepare for all-out war with Russia within the next 20 years. “The house should have enough water, a torch and a battery operated radio. He advised all European citizens to prepare for a survivable war within the first 36 hours.Rob Bauer announced.

To cope, Tobias Ellwood believes that more money needs to be invested. “The UK defense budget should be increased from 2% to 3% of GDP. During the Cold War, it was 4%. We had 36 fighter jets and today we had six fighter jets. Our army and navy are now half the size they should be.

This warning speech is shared by many countries. Norway's Army General Erik Kristofferson thinks more budgets should be allocated to his country's defense. “We don't know what will happen in Russia in three years.he declared to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. “We need to put a strong defense in place to face an uncertain and unpredictable world. Our citizens need to think about their preparedness.

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