Israel-Hamas War: Replica of Hamas Tunnel in Front of European Parliament in Brussels (VIDEO)

Odile Margaux, a lawyer and representative of this forum, wants to appeal to the public to remember the terrible fate of these victims. “In Gaza, some were kept in apartments, but most were lowered into tunnels several dozen meters deep, where the oxygen was not of the best quality. The atmosphere is polluted. There are sounds, noises, violence. she declares. “Women are abused and raped. Probably men too. So these are young women between the ages of 19 and 50 who have been detained for five months, and men under the age of 84 who have been detained in these conditions. Odile Margaux continues.

Cells, rest rooms, bathrooms… Israeli army reveals pictures of tunnel where hostages were kept in Gaza.

In this container, these hostages tried to recreate living conditions for almost 5 months. The atmosphere is heavy, dark, and recreates ambient noises that come from actual audio recordings released by Hamas, according to organizer Boaz Unger. A truly immersive experience that combines sounds, images and smells to raise the audience's awareness of the ordeal suffered by Hamas prisoners. “It is very strong. It doesn't overtly say anything about what they're actually going through, but it allows you to already imagine the hell the hostages find themselves in. It is very, very violent. noise the cries. screams dirty We won't come out unscathed.” A woman declares after going through an imaginary tunnel.

“There's a Deadly Mushroom”: In Hamas Mines, Fear Grows of Mysterious Contagion Affecting Hostages

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