Russian helicopter and plane crash near Ukrainian border, Moscow accuses Kyiv of targeting ‘civilian targets’

According to the latter, two people died in the accident, the cause of which is unclear at this stage.

In the same part of the SU-34, we do not know if the pilots survived, apart from the causes that led to the crash. The Sukhoi SU-34 is a tactical bomber widely used by the Russian military.

Moscow accuses Kyiv of targeting “civilian targets” with British missiles

Russia on Saturday accused the Ukrainian military of using British long-range Storm Shadow missiles the day before, as London pledged to Kiev on Thursday, to target “civilian targets” in the Russian-held Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine.

“On May 12, around 6:30 p.m. (local time, editor’s note), Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets launched a missile attack against the Polipak Polymer Products Company and the Milam meat processing plant in the city of Luhansk,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“Storm Shadow air-to-air missiles supplied by the UK to the Kiev regime were used for this strike, but these weapons from London will not be used against civilian targets,” the ministry said.

Following the strike, “a fire broke out at the site of a food and chemical enterprise in Lugansk”, the Russian ministry added, “nearby residential buildings were destroyed” and “six children were injured, including”.

London on Thursday marked the first time Russia had announced Ukrainian strikes with long-range missiles it had promised Kiev, as Ukraine says it is finalizing preparations to launch an offensive to retake Moscow-held territory in the east and south.

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The United Kingdom became the first country to deliver long-range missiles to Ukraine this week, a decision seen by Russia as a “significant escalation” of the conflict.

Flying object spotted in Polish skies from Belarus

A flying object, possibly a spy balloon, entered Polish airspace from Belarus, the Polish Ministry of Defense announced on Twitter on Saturday.

The object disappeared from radar near the city of Rybin in the center of the country, about 300 kilometers from the Belarusian border.

Poland, which shares borders with both Ukraine and Belarus, is carefully examining the possibility of incursions into its airspace.

Last November, two people died in Poland near the Ukrainian border after a missile from a Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense system accidentally fell.

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