Russia says it has eliminated 5,000 foreign mercenaries – La Nouvelle Tribune

Russian soldiers (Credit: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP)

there Russia He said it has almost been eliminated 5,000 foreign mercenaries Who acted Ukraine From the beginning of the special military operation. This impressive figure is one 11,675 foreign fighters from 84 different countries joined Ukraine To participate in battles alongside the Ukrainian armed forces, the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed. These mercenaries have been prominent Polandof Americaof Canadaof Georgiaof United Kingdomof Romaniaof Croatiaof France And the Syrian territory is under Turkish control.

According to Doss, mercenary arrivals fell sharply after the first recorded losses. March and April 2022 saw the highest number of visits. Poland was the largest contributor of mercenaries with more than 2,600 people, followed by the United States and Canada (900 people or more), Georgia (more than 800 people), the United Kingdom and Romania (700 people or more), and Croatia (more than 300 people). ), as well as part of France and Turkish-controlled Syria (200 or more).

Ukraine, for its part, suffered significant losses among these foreign mercenary fighters. More than 4,800 soldiers, mainly from the United States, Canada and European countries, went missing in action. Also, the Russian Defense Ministry says nearly 4,800 people have fled Ukrainian territory due to the intensity of the fighting.

It should be noted that, according to information received by the Russian Ministry of Defense during the interrogation of captured Ukrainian soldiers, the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not responsible for losses among mercenaries. In addition, more than 2,000 foreign mercenaries continue to fight within the Ukrainian armed forces. Russia accuses it of using these foreign nationals as cannon fodder in the conflict.

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