“I don’t want history to repeat itself”: Meghan and Harry’s revelations in their ‘explosive’ documentary on Netflix | Harry and Meghan’s ‘True’ Documentary

UpgradeThe time has come. The long-awaited Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan,” in which the couple reveals their version of “Mexit,” is available Thursday morning. From their meeting on Instagram to their love story under the relentless eyes of the paparazzi, the couple reveal their “truth” and above all settle their scores with the British tabloids who accused them of “ruining” them as they did with Diana. Find below the “explosive” content of this project that is shaking up the channel.

Almost three years after their separation from the monarchy and three months after King Charles III ascended the throne, “Harry & Meghan” is bringing to the fore a crisis that the British royal family has been accused of never accepting. American actress, mixed race and divorced, but racist.

If next Thursday’s final three episodes promise to be more dangerous for the family with the story of the departure to California, the existing three have relatively avoided it, limiting themselves to a few hidden spikes and focusing on the beginning of the story. Love from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, leading up to their wedding in 2018.

Using holiday or family photos and interviews filmed on the water over the phone, the series explores their intimacy: their meeting on Instagram, their first date (Harry was late), their first trip to camp in Botswana, their surprisingly formal first dinner with Harry, older brother William and his wife Kate, the late Elizabeth Megan’s meeting with II.

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“Exploitation and Corruption”

Above all, it gives Harry a chance to attack the British tabloids, who have quickly become hostile to the “capricious duchess” Kate loves. “It is my duty to expose this exploitation and corruption within our media,” Harry said on the phone from London’s Heathrow Airport before leaving the UK in 2020.

The couple criticize the way the magazines dissected the actions and gestures of Meghan, who was not taught etiquette, followed her family and friends, and gathered the trust of her half-sister, whom she had not seen for 10 years. According to them the scandals were discovered.

The 38-year-old prince considers his wife “very similar” to his mother Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 after being chased by paparazzi shortly after her divorce from Charles. “It’s hard to go through this madness to see another woman I love. It’s the predator against the prey”.

“No matter how hard I tried, if I behaved well, what I did, they always found a way to destroy me,” Megan, 41, said.


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Memories to come

Since leaving, the couple, who have two young children, have been hugely unpopular in the UK, often portrayed as hypocrites, critical of the media attention, but earning millions from their confessions.

After the Netflix documentary, Harry is set to release his memoir titled “The Substitute” in early January.

A year and a half after their shock interview on US TV, they accused a member of the royal family of racism, and Harry believes this factor played a major role in the press’ hostility towards his mixed-race wife this time around. He invokes “unconscious bias” on the matter within the monarchy and admits to being “ashamed” of the episode in which, as a young man, he disguised himself in a Nazi uniform.

So the chick is far from being buried. In his first speech as king the day after Elizabeth II’s death, Charles III exhorted his youngest son and his wife to send them his love “as they continue to build their lives abroad”.

The question now is how Buckingham will react. Faced with accusations of racism, Elizabeth II had the now famous response: “Memories may differ”. Contrary to a banner saying the royal family did not want to comment on the documentary, Buckingham Palace said it was “unapproachable” to respond.


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