Russia is embroiled in the reality of its economic weaknesses

Russia accounts for less than 2% of world GDP. The economy grew by an average of 0.3% year-on-year between 2015 and 2020. Russians’ incomes are falling, and inflation is hitting record highs of almost 9%.

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U.S.n Geopolitical giant, an economic dwarf. This is Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This is the whole paradox behind the Kremlin leader’s muscle talk. Three days before his televised speech on Monday, the starting point of military equipment in Ukraine, he could certainly deceive the economic front. Russia, which has not imposed any restrictions on its economy since the onset of the Kovit epidemic, recorded a 4.7% increase in its GDP in 2021. An obvious and promising recovery after 2020 was curtailed by the corona virus. What strengthens the Kremlin’s speech: Russia is strong and will not succumb to the threats of new Western sanctions. In fact, its economic weakness should, logically, have encouraged it to be politically realistic. A clarity imposed by statistics.

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