Russia: Investigation opened for “act of terrorism” after train derailment, what happened?

Russian authorities have opened an investigation into an “act of terrorism” after an explosion in southeast Moscow derailed a freight train, an investigative panel has announced.

A “home-made explosive device” was detonated in the morning, derailing 19 wagons, 15 of which were damaged, in the Ryazan region, he added in a telegram.

The investigation team said it has launched an inquiry into “act of terrorism” and acquisition, transportation or storage of explosives.

One employee was slightly injured, state-owned Russian Railways said earlier, in the derailment due to “interference by unauthorized persons”.

Since Moscow launched its offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, there have been several reports of sabotage on railways in Russia. On several occasions, Moscow has accused Kiev of being responsible.

Authorities have not yet accused Ukraine of financing Saturday’s derailment.

Investigators are seeking to establish “all the circumstances of the incident and the persons involved in the crime,” said the country’s investigative body in charge of major investigations.

Pictures posted on his Telegram account show several overturned wagons.

A fire broke out at a gunpowder factory in the Tambov region of central Russia between Friday and Saturday night.

Regional officials said the flames were “quickly extinguished” and there were no casualties.

They added that the cause and circumstances of the fire were “under investigation”.

Several Russian Telegram channels quoted witnesses as saying they heard an “explosive sound” before the fire. AFP could not verify these reports.

An explosion had already occurred in this factory in June and 4 people had died. The governor of Tambov region, Maxime Egorov, assured at the time that it was not an attack.

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