Patrick Bruel and Enrico Macias at a Parisian demonstration for the release of hostages

Thomas Samson / AFP Patrick Bruel on stage during a demonstration for the release of Israeli hostages on April 7, 2024.

Thomas Samson / AFP

Patrick Bruel on stage during a demonstration for the release of Israeli hostages on April 7, 2024.

Demonstration – Remembering comes together. Six months after Hamas's bloody attack on Israel, around 1,500 people protested in Paris this Sunday, April 7. “For the Liberation of Hostages” Israelis are being detained in Gaza, we learned from police headquarters.

Demonstrators gathered in the late afternoon at the Trocadero, facing the Eiffel Tower, at the invitation of the Council of Representatives of Jewish Organizations of France (GRIEF) and chanted several times. “Release the Hostages”. Some punctuation marks: “Your silence is deafening”.

On stage, many personalities including Enrico Macias and Patrick Bruel. “I appeal to all the French people to release the hostages unconditionally and as soon as possible”First started for the meeting. “We have passed through the saddest events in our history (…). But we'll get through this.”he added. “They have been detained, martyred and raped for six months. We are here for them and hope to be back.”He also announced the second.

129 hostages are still in Hamas hands

On October 7, Hamas commandos infiltrated from Gaza launched an unprecedented attack in southern Israel that resulted in the deaths of 1,170 people in Israel, most of them civilians, the same day, AFP calculated, based on official Israeli figures.

More than 250 people were abducted during the attack and taken to Gaza, where 129 are being held, including 34 deaths, Israeli officials said.

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Release the hostages, this is what the UN is doing.Griff Vice President Natalie Cohen-Beizerman told the crowd. “Our cry is for freedom for our martyred brothers and sisters. This war could end tomorrow if Hamas releases the hostages.”she said. To talk of famine in Gaza is to believe in death-defying terrorists.She further assessed.

Rallies in Berlin and London

In response to the Hamas attack, the Israeli military intensified aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, followed by a ground offensive that killed 33,175 people, mostly civilians, according to the Hamas Health Ministry. Disaster.

About twenty French carers condemned the Crif event in a column sent to AFP “Demonstration in Support of Israeli Army”. “We are witnesses and have audio visual and written evidence of abuses against civilians” In Gaza “Including War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity”They emphasized in this text.

Rallies were also held in several European capitals. Ayala Harel, 59, is still being held hostage by her uncle, Michael Nissembam, in London, where 200 demonstrators attended. “The world will help”. “Everyone should put pressure on Hamas. It's that simple”, she observed. 200 of them were in Berlin, waving Israeli flags and displaying photographs of the hostages.

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