Russia and Ukraine live updates: US says Russia has lost 15-20% of its combat power

The ministry said that the Russian Defense Ministry claimed to have fired at the Ukrainian dry cargo ship Apache, which was said to have changed course and tried to breach the Mariupol seaport.

Russia claimed that the Ukrainian dry cargo ship did not respond to the demands of the Russian border guards to communicate with them through the international channel and continued to the port of Mariupol.

Russia said two border guard ships fired warning artillery along the ship’s path, but the cargo ship did not change course or slow down.

The cargo ship transmitted, via radio, a message saying “I’m crazy, coming for you”, and signal fires were seen on the shore, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Black Sea Fleet then opened artillery fire on the dry cargo ship Apache to block the ship.

The direct hit caused a fire in the stern of the ship and then veered off course. Russia said the crew had contacted border ships to request a ceasefire and said they would respond to the Russian sailors’ demands.

Russia said no crew members were hurt and that the ship’s crew had put out the fire.

The ship was inspected and then moved to the port of Yeysk with its crew, according to Russia.

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