Rumor: Xbox game Hi-Fi Rush will launch on 'Switch 2'

Image: Bethesda

Nintendo's latest Partner Showcase has locked in two Xbox games for the Switch, but what about those two games Hi Fi Rush Rumors?

according to Indoor games, the rhythm-based action game may actually be targeting a release on Switch 2, so a potential announcement could still be months away. Here's exactly what the source said:

“It's currently unclear whether or not Hi-Fi Rush will make its way to Switch, but sources have indicated that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch 2, rather than the original Switch, so there could be more to come. Months before the official announcement “

When these rumors originally surfaced, questions were raised about whether or not the rhythm-based gameplay would be hacked on the Switch, so releasing a successor to the rumored system might make sense.

The Hi-Fi Rush datamine earlier this month also appears to have revealed evidence of “platform exclusive t-shirts” for other versions of the game. Keep in mind The PlayStation release has now been officially confirmed.

Two Xbox games already announced for Switch include Grounded and Pentiment. Pentiment is available on the Switch eShop, with a physical release on the way, and Grounded will follow in April.

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