Messi's crazy movements over an injured player spread on social media

Lionel Messi showed, in just one scene in the opening match of the season, why he is considered by many to be the best footballer in the world.

Messi went viral after dribbling over an injured defender lying on the field during the first half of Inter Miami's 2-0 win over Real Salt Lake on Wednesday evening.

Messi was aggressive and persistent throughout Inter MiamiThe season opener, and try to find an open space to shoot on goal. He dribbled along the penalty arc and lifted the ball over it The real salt lakeAndrew Brody, who was lying on the field after having his hand stepped on earlier in the sequence.

the pictures: Lionel Messi and Inter Miami open the 2024 MLS season

Messi's shot towards the net was blocked by another defender. He seemed to be smiling, but he was not satisfied that his attempt had not yielded any results.

However, the spotlight moment has begun for the virus Making the rounds on TikTok And other social media platforms after the match.

Inter Miami's Robert Taylor was amused by the sequence after the match:

Taylor said of Messi: “Sometimes, he throws the ball over a defender. It's crazy.”

But Real Salt Lake's Diego Luna was not as amused: “For me, from the best player in the world, I expected that from him. Not just a direct dribble at him.”

Messi provided an assist to Robert Taylor in the 39th minutey Minute and hockey assist for Diego Gomez's 83rd minute goal in Inter Miami's win.

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Inter Miami's next match will be on Sunday against Los Angeles Galaxy.

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