RTL Today – “Best Demonstration for the Symbol”: Nearly 2,500 Protesters March in Luxembourg

A “big union demonstration” took place in Luxembourg on Sunday morning. OGBL chose Labor Day to protest “code manipulation”.

OGBL Returned to charge this Sunday. After receiving The trio refused to sign the agreement Then at the end of March He slammed the measures taken by the governmentThe union was started Call for demonstration this Sunday, May 1st.

There “Big demonstration for the index finger Left from Luxembourg station at 10am Rally Newmanster Abe Grind in the late morning.

The President of OGBL delivered his traditional May Day speech at the Grund. A speech was made in the presence of nearly 2,500 protesters, according to police.

We are sending a strong signal to the government and the employers“In front of a crowd armed with whistles, Nora announced that she was back. She confirmed that the OGBL was the only union.”To protect the interests of all workers and pensioners“.

The president went home saying he had no intention of his union.Leave it at that“.”We are going to show them that OGBL is not isolated. Because we are trade unionists. Because it is our duty to say no to social disintegration. “ She smirked.

Let’s remember that It describes the OGBL method “Manipulation of the code“Following the announcement of the scheduled installment postponement in August.

The union has also issued List of union demands During tripartite, it refers to satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

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