RTL Infos – The most effective scam: If you see a €50 note in your mirror, don't pick it up!

If you find a bank note slipped under your windshield wiper, as tempting as it may be, don't pick it up (or at least not right away). You may be a very useful fraud target, French police warn.

Fake tickets, broken glass or license plate scams: Thieves never run out of imagination. €50 bill fraud Getting caught under a windshield wiper is one of those methods that can trap more than one person. Believe it or not, this tip didn't fall from the sky.

The trick is simple: the thug tickets the driver, most of the time He sees him only after getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. The driver would, logically, exit the vehicle to collect this ticket. Unless the thief is hiding far away, for example in the back of the car. If he sees the car ready to start, he will attack its owner, rush into the vehicle and run away with it. The 50 euro note that was invested in this thief… is also likely to be fake.

In response to the resurgence of this scam, the Haute-Garonne National Police launched an awareness campaign on social media called “An pricey ticket paid”.

In short, if such a ticket miraculously ends up in your car, Instead follow our advice : If you are not yet in your vehicle, be very careful before getting in, if a suspicious person is nearby, do not hesitate to call the police, and to be safe, do not get into your car without insurance.

On the other hand, if you're already in your car, it's simple: Start and drive a few hundred meters to safety, and take tickets at that time. Chances are high that only a fake ticket will be inherited, but if the ticket is original, it is a thief who will bite the finger!

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Finally, Noting where the incident took place and filing a police report is helpful. This can put law enforcement on the trail of these thieves, who are often on the move but have their favorite haunts. A custom that can cost them dearly too.

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