Round Up: Reviews are in for Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden On Switch

are you ready? Fear is awake, anger is pulsating. It’s time to face reality and check out Persona 3 Portable reviews.

Let’s start with Nintendo Wirewho loved the game. In the post’s 9/10 review, they praised the game’s story and high replay value with the game’s two protagonists:

“The cast is endearing, from the all-girl troubled Yukari to the Akihiko dork dork to the world’s best pupper Koromaru, though they might lack some of the fun, silly chemistry of the P4/P5 cast.”

Siliconera Persona 3 Portable awarded a solid 8/10, highlighting the quality-of-life additions this PSP game brought to the series, while also praising the game’s performance on Switch:

“As for the Persona 3 Portable On Switch, it honestly felt like getting back into the game on PSP again. Works fine and smooth on the system. The character models look great when they’re in Tartarus or when dealing with shadows.”

noisy pixels He was more moderate on the game, awarding it a 7/10, lamenting the lack of a true “final” version of Persona 3:

Presentation and tone softened portable It does not paint an accurate picture of her identity. But it’s nice to see, and the gameplay here is the best of any of the versions.”

Now, let’s go to TV back Let’s see what the critics think Persona 4 Golden. Now, something most people agree on is what the P4G is Easily The final version of Persona 4. miss. This makes things a little easier.

First is God is obsessed With a glowing 10/10. The site lavished praise on almost every aspect of the game – the improvements to combat, the addictive nature of the game, and the story:

“Atlus has created an experience with a charmingly addictive quality that draws you in and refuses to let you go. The structure and writing, not to mention the perfectly balanced and simple combat system, means that every single bit of vicarious on-screen life is equally compulsory.”

Pocket Tactics She also had a lot of positive words to share about Persona 4 Golden. In their 9/10 review, they declare, “The game is as good as ever.”:

“I can’t recommend the Switch version of Persona 4 Golden enough. Everything that made the original good sticks, and the enthralling story, enigmatic cast, and satisfying turn-based combat come together to create an experience that new and existing fans can enjoy.”

finally, Vooks He rates this re-release a 4/5, and once again you can’t get enough of the fighting loop and the addictive gameplay:

“Persona 4 Golden has always been one of the most solid games in the Persona series, and the Switch port is no exception. It’s a beautiful story backed by a great combat system, and it’s worth playing for newcomers and veterans alike.”

So, Persona worth playing, it looks like! If you haven’t tried this series before, there’s no better time to get into it – especially as a Switch owner. You can check our website Helpful guide in each Persona game on the console to see which one you think is right for you.

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You can grab both games from the Switch eShop this Thursday – separately or as a file Package. Will you get Persona 3 Portable or Persona 4 Gold on Switch? Let us know below!

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