‘Right thing to do’: Biden approves sending cluster munitions to Ukraine

He said President Joe Biden made the decision after a “consensus recommendation” from his administration in consultation with allies.

The official also assured that the Ukrainians have provided “written” guarantees on the use of these weapons to reduce “risks to the public”.

The announcement comes as part of a new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, bringing total U.S. military aid to more than $41 billion since the start of the war in February 2022.

In addition to cluster munitions, the US will provide armored vehicles, artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and other equipment.

War in Ukraine: Russian military says it hit all its targets after deadly attack on Lviv

Called cluster munitions, these disperse or release small explosive charges designed to detonate before impact, during impact, or after impact. Depending on the type of weapon used, the number of weapons scattered or released could range from a few dozen to 600.

Several countries have banned its use and production under the 2008 Oslo Convention, including neither the United States nor Ukraine.

Mr. Sullivan has long justified the decision, which has been condemned by NGOs, arguing that “artillery is at the heart of this conflict” and that Russia has used this type of weapon since the beginning of the war.

Mr. Sullivan pointed out that even though the question was raised during the event.

“Before becoming a member of the Atlantic alliance, Kyiv needs to take many more steps,” he said.

The question will be at the center of the summit in the Lithuanian capital, although NATO leaders are expected to reaffirm their intention to eventually integrate Ukraine into the alliance. The exact wording of this commitment, which meets strong expectations from Kyiv, is subject to intense negotiations.

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The White House has also said it expects Sweden to join NATO “in the near future.”

The national security adviser said it was “possible” that Turkey and Hungary, which currently block Stockholm’s membership, would change their positions at next week’s alliance summit, “even if that is not the case, but Washington estimates (it) will happen in the near future”.

Zelensky thanked Washington for “indispensable” assistance to Ukraine’s security

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked his US counterpart Joe Biden on Friday for “indispensable” military assistance in securing Ukraine after a US commitment to deliver cluster munitions.

“Much needed, comprehensive and timely military assistance,” said Mr. Zelensky wrote on social media that Mr. Biden thanked the Americans. “Increasing Ukraine’s defense capabilities will bring new tools to liberate our territory and bring us closer to peace,” he added.

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