Resident Evil Village’s toughest achievement just got easier thanks to the new DLC

Winters’ new expansion for Resident Evil Village makes improvements to the scoring mode The Mercenaries and adds three powerful characters, with players noting that this makes “All S ranks” a lot easier to accomplish.

Resident Evil Village‘s Legendary cowboy achievement It is (or at least was) the hardest in the game, requiring players to gain a rank of S on each map in The Mercenaries – an episodic point-attack mode first seen in Resident Evil 4. At the time of writing, only 4% of the Tracked TA players manage to unlock this (0.76% overall on Xbox), making it rarer Resident Evil Village Achievementsalthough choosing new DLC and using newly added characters should make this less stressful.

Resident Evil Village: Winters ‘Expansion Content Makes the Hardest Accomplishment Easier

Since the download was released Friday, players around the web have pointed out how powerful the new Mercenary characters are and how they help make Legendary Cowboy more manageable, as well as confirming that the achievement actually unlocks while using newcomers Chris, Heisenberg or Lady Dimitrisco. Chris unlocks from the start and his rock-breaking fist might be enough to get you to rank S on their own, Heisenberg after earning rank A unlocks all maps, while Mrs. D demands a rank S in the new Bloody River stage.

Winter expansion

Experience all-new bonus content for the award-winning modern horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village: Third Person Mode, The Mercenaries Extra Orders, and Shadows of Rose.

While other mercenaries accomplish Resident Evil Village, Combo KingAlthough it wasn’t nearly as demanding, unlocking it should be a little easier now thanks to changes to how spawns work in The Mercenaries. This means that directing doesn’t need to be completely strict in order to amass a large group, and again, these powerful new characters should help take down enemies quickly.

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we too Just picked up the achievements of Resident Evil Re: Verse – A late drop occurred after the episodic multiplayer game appeared on Friday for Village Owners.

If you already play it, how did you find Resident Evil Village’s Winter expansion Until now? Would I be pleased to see a helping hand given to those struggling with rank S? Let’s know!

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