Remember IMDb TV? It’s called “Amazon Free” now

after launch as “IMDb FreediveBack in 2019, IMDb TV quickly faded into the persistent background flow of wars Parent company Amazon has already established a respectable foothold. While that initial change didn’t quite put the nascent platform and its content on the map, Amazon just announced its plan to reintroduce the streaming device again under a new brand before massive content payouts.

From now on, IMDb TV will be known as “Amazon Freevee,” a name meant to ensure that the ad-supported platform is free to viewers. at press release Detailing her vision for Freevee’s future, director Ashraf Al Karmi coined the service as a complementary platform intended to attract consumers interested in watching “premium” series and movies with fewer commercial interruptions.

“Customers are increasingly turning to streaming premium ad-supported content, and we’ve developed Freevee to deliver much needed content with half the commercials of traditional TV,” said Al Karmi. “Our new name makes clear who we are: an easy-to-navigate, free streaming service that is available to users whenever and wherever they choose to watch some of the greatest original and licensed content available.”

Although Freevee will contain a certain amount of licensed content, the player’s banking services on its original software such as Bush: Legacy and Adapted from Tegan and Sara’s High school Diary From Clea DuVall. While Freevee plans to expand its original programming slate by 70% by the end of the year, what will ultimately determine the platform’s success is whether people end up watching it. It’s certainly possible that the third time will be the magic of Amazon Freevee, but in this mature and intense phase of the larger streaming game, A wealth of content does not necessarily guarantee success.

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