Ranking of every college football team after the first week, from #1 in Georgia to 131st Charlotte

The first few weeks of the college football rankings are always the hardest.

I don’t want to get myself too attached to the pre-season ratings, which are just educated guesses. With more information coming in each week, rankings are generally easier to sort out, at least in levels.

These ratings are meant to emphasize what the team has accomplished. So, if the team scores a big win in the first week, it will “up” significantly. Spoiler alert: This Florida this week. But that’s a relative term, again, because the pre-season ratings were guesswork. The team can also look better than expected in the event of a loss and still “make progress”. Spoiler alert: This Notre Dame And the UTSA this week.

But there are also many teams that have not played a good opponent yet. So, when you find your team in the standings for the first few weeks, don’t worry if it slips despite its big win over an inferior opponent. Perhaps it means that someone else looked good in the face of quality competition. After everyone has a few matches against quality competition under their belts, it becomes easy to distinguish the teams. This doesn’t mean the top five teams have the top five wins, but we want to reward results that seem meaningful.

Florida deserves to be in the top 10 right now. The Gators stood in front of the top ten and beat them Utah The team that many of us chose to conduct the college football game. Do I think the Gators will compete for the SEC East title? I don’t know. But based on what Florida has accomplished in its very small sample size, this is worth something. Gators should not be rated in their teens or twenties after this performance.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some new faces near the bottom of the list. Some of the teams that struggled for years lost to FCS teams, and there’s no point in doubting.

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Here’s this week’s edition of the athlete 131.

It took a whole week into the game for us to get a new #1. Alabama win 55-0 Against the Defender of the Mountain West Champion Utah It couldn’t be much better, but then Georgia Developed a 49-3 hard kick on me OregonDawgs moves to the top. quarterback Stetson Bennett He may have taken another big step in his game, and Georgia still has all sorts of speed and size out there.

Another notable move here is Notre Dame collides yet 10-21 loss in Ohio State. The Irish covered a 17.5-point difference and led 10-7 in the first half. Second-half adjustments are credited with Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles, with the Buckeyes shutting out Irish offense, but the Notre Dame defense stopping Ohio State. For the opening trip to Columbus, it was a solid performance that can be built upon. Utah and Notre Dame are two examples of teams that didn’t get out of the race despite losses in the first week.

Clemson He finally pulled out of Georgia Tech and the defense looks solid again, but the attack still lacks playmakers. Texas A&M retreats from its spot after its 31-0 victory over FCS Sam Houston. It was a statistically dominant performance in the match that was delayed by lightning, but the score was 10-0 one minute before the break, and Heinz King He made two objections.

The only noticeable changes are at the bottom of this group. HoustonUTSA’s 37-35 win three times in overtime against UTSA was surprisingly close and remarkably impressive, as defending champions C-USA Roadrunners played well at home. Oregon remains in the top 25 only because Georgia looks like a national championship team once again. North Carolina also suspended after the escape East Carolina 21-20 on the road thanks to one extra point missed and one missed field goal. Cincinnati Went to Arkansas and lost 31-24A commendable performance that could have had a different outcome without some major blunders.

Oklahoma State’s 58-44 win over Central Michigan also left some questions. The score was 44-15 in the first half. Just a tough night for backups, or a sign of a bigger problem?

Pennsylvania state‘s 35-31 win In Purdue, Nittany Lions are nearing the top 25, even if they’re ugly for most of the night. MississippiWin 49-23 against Memphis It was quietly one of the most impressive performances of the weekend. North Carolina He rises from the pre-season standings with two wins under his belt, but his defense appears to have major problems. Appalachian State He scored a ridiculous 40 points in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s 63-61 loss to Tar Heel.

led oregon Boise State 24-0 in the first half and he never looked back. Could beavers be a surprise contender in the Pac-12? UTSA moves on despite the loss because the Roadrunners looked good and led Houston 21-7 in the fourth quarter. Neither Florida nor LSU She looked particularly impressive on Sunday night, but it was an exciting match at least. WashingtonWin 45-20 against Kent State It was much better than last year’s opening loss to Montana. Have the Husky fix the attack with new coach Calin Debord and midfielder Michael Benx Jr.? on the flip side, Yes‘s Ugly win 7-3 Against FCS South Dakota State without scoring a touchdown leads to a lot of questions. The Hawkeyes dropped in the standings despite the win.

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Arizonawin 38-20 in San Diego State Perhaps the most surprising result of the weekend. After an influx of transfers and a recruiting class from the top 25, Jedd Fisch might have something for his sophomore year. Old Dominion jumps to the top 65 after a 20-17 win over Virginia Tech. Illinois It is 1-1 with Week 0 win against Wyoming And the controversial loss of Indiana.

East Carolina is another example of a team that actually moved up the rankings despite losing after nearly upsetting North Carolina State. Rutgers22-21 in a win Boston College And the SyracuseWon 31-7 against Louisville It also helped these teams move into the top 75, as it did North Westweek 0 against Nebraska in Ireland.

For the first time in a long time, the UConn/UMass/New Mexico State group does not make up the bottom of these rankings. congratulations for Okonwhich is far from the basement after a competitive loss in Utah, although the Huskies were close to central Connecticut for a while in the first week before dropping out.

Navy He lost 14-7 to FCS Delaware with three failures and three failed fourth attempts. Hawaii was blown up by Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky at home. FCS William and Mary escaped from Charlotte With a 41-24 win (after the 43-13 49ers lost to the FAU in Week 0). These programs seem to be in a bad position in the field now, each for different reasons, and past success just can’t keep them out of the vault.

(Top photo of Stetson Bennett and Kendall Melton: Brett Davis / USA Today)

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