“Putin goes to the stars”

“Cosmism”A little-known theory was put forward “First Morning” This Monday. Additional insights into the psychology of the “Master of the Kremlin” were provided by Michael Eltzaninov, philosopher, expert on Russian philosophy and editor-in-chief of “Philosophy Magazine” interviewed by Pascal Claude.

Born in the late 19th century. “Cosmicism” is a combination of scientific research, metaphysics and magic. A movement born in Russia, with the specific purpose of killing death or colonizing space, will influence Putin. The Russian president quotes “cosmopolitans” (philosophers or writers, such as Dostoevsky, for example). Or even Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, an astronaut theorist who already had a strong belief in rockets in the 1920s. Putin cited him and baptized a city in his name. The man is also quoted Elon Musk, American billionaire and CEO of Tesla. Therefore, Michel Eltchaninoff observes that this “strange, supernatural” “cosmological” current is currently inspiring. “If we say, a nationalist head of state like Putin who went to the moon in his head, an inhuman millionaire like Elon Musk.”.

Russia should be more than a country, it should be an idea

The philosopher who recently published the book “Lenin walked on the moon” And “In the mind of Vladimir Putin”In 2015, as part of Russian culture, explains an idea “Messianism” Is. It is true that Russia should be “More than a country, it should be an idea”. An idea “The greatness of man. “We will colonize space for the benefit of mankind,” Putin said. Russia wants to bring moral and Christian values ​​to the world. When to impose these ideas is a paradoxical idea, He is at war And “Kills Ukrainians, as Putin himself says, very close to the Russians”.

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