Russia fires cruise missiles at Ukraine: ‘It shows how depleted their stockpile is’

today, Head Ladsday News Russian soldiers have recently attacked Ukraine with old nuclear-tipped missiles, based on information from British intelligence, whose warships have been dismantled. “Such a passive system would still cause damage due to the missile’s kinetic energy and remaining fuel, but would be unlikely to operate against predetermined targets.They said. “There is no doubt that Russia is using them to distract Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems.” They add.

Defense Express, A Ukrainian information and consulting agency specializing in the evaluation of military equipment reported on November 17 that an AS-15 “Kent”/Kh-55 cruise missile equipped with blank cartridges was shot down from Kiev. However, this is a warhead that needs to be placed on the head of this missile from the 80s. According to the company, the Russian military wanted to strike differently, but it was forced to improvise with its equipment. Experts see the event as evidence that Russia’s missile stockpile is slowly depleting and reaching a “critical level.” Other defense experts say Russia has recently been attacking ground targets with surface-to-air missiles.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, at least 52 Russian ammunition depots have been attacked by the Ukrainian military. According to Information from the world, satellite images have revealed a significant decrease in the amount of munitions at some large Russian sites, where they are stored in the open. Other satellite images would have confirmed that arms factories have recently ramped up their production.

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