Prince Harry received 'substantial' compensation in phone hacking case against British tabloid, lawyer says.

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Harry gave evidence to the court in June, a highly unusual step for a member of the British royal family.


Prince Harry He will receive “substantial” compensation after the remaining parts are settled Phone hacking issue against publisher Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), his lawyer told the High Court in London on Friday, according to the British news agency PA Media.

Lawyer David Sherborne told the court that MGN, which publishes the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror, The Duke of Sussex will pay a “significant additional sum in damages” on top of his legal costs, PA Media reported.

In December, a judge ruled that Prince Harry was the victim of phone hacking and other means of “unlawful information gathering” by MGN. The judge awarded Harry £140,600 ($177,000) in damages in the ruling.

In a statement read by his lawyer outside court on Friday, Prince Harry said: “Everything we said was happening on the Mirror set was actually happening, and much worse, as the court issued its absolutely devastating ruling.”

He said: “As the judge said this morning, we have exposed and demonstrated the shockingly dishonest way in which the Mirror Group conducted themselves for many years and then sought to hide the truth.”

Prince Harry initially submitted 33 articles for consideration, with the judge finding that 15 stories published by MGN were based on illegal information gathering such as phone hacking and the use of private investigators.

A further 115 articles were part of his claim, which could have been the subject of another trial, but Prince Harry's lawyer told the High Court on Friday that a settlement had been reached between the Duke of Sussex and MGN, according to the PA report. .

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The Duke of Sussex had sued the British newspaper group, which also publishes The Sunday Mirror and Sunday People, along with three other claimants, alleging that its journalists illegally intercepted his voicemails and used other illicit means over a period of almost 15 years.

He testified in court as part of the case, an almost unprecedented move for a senior member of the British royal family.

On Friday, he took aim at Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Mirror, who Harry said “knew very well what was happening, the judge said”.

“Even his employer realized that he simply could not call him as a witness of fact. “His contempt for the court ruling and his continued attacks since then show why it is important to obtain a clear and detailed ruling,” Harry added.

“As I said last December, our mission continues. And I believe in the positive change it will bring to all of us. That's why I started this, and why I'll keep going until the end.”

CNN has reached out to Morgan for comment.

Morgan, who served as editor of the Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004, has previously denied any knowledge of or involvement in illegal activity, such as phone hacking.

after UK Supreme Court ruling in December That Harry was the subject of a “large-scale” phone hack, Morgan said: “I have never hacked a phone or asked anyone else to hack a phone and no one has provided any actual evidence to prove that I did. And I have never been called as a witness… by either party.” In the case, I was not asked to give any evidence. I would have gladly agreed to do either or both of these things if I had been asked to do so.

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Harry has criticized the British media's tactics since his split from the royal family in 2020, and has made his case against MGN a centerpiece of his efforts to impose tougher regulations on the press.

The prince made a short visit to the UK earlier this week after his father, King Charles, revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Harry then appeared at the NFL Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday, where he presented the Man of the Year award.

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