“President of Contempt”, “Climate Inactive President”: Macron fired from critics in European Parliament

On January 1, France officially accepted the chairmanship of the EU Council for a period of six months.

In this regard, President Emmanuel Macron presented his vision and priorities for Europe this Wednesday while addressing a lecture at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Now, three months before the French presidential election, Macron’s statement – whose candidacy is no doubt – sounded like campaign speech. It was followed by a discussion with the MEPs.

He was attacked by a number of French politicians, starting with the French head of state EELV presidential candidate Yannick Jadot. The environmentalist especially condemned the president’s lack of climate ambition for leaving during his mandate.

You will go down in history as a climate passive president “, He began.” Basically you are a climate adjuster who wants to sign ceasefire agreements with lobbies rather than the war on climate change. “, MEP continued, bitter.

Yannick Jodot pointed to a “climate-killing alliance” with Poland and Hungary, and criticized the president’s energy strategy: You are sacrificing Europe’s climate ambition by promoting gas to save nuclear power condemned to bankruptcy “.

“President of Sorn”

In harsh statements, we can also retain the speech of Manon Aubrey (La France Insoumise). ” Your European achievement is nothing but arrogance, incompetence and intrigue “, He began, referring to the slogan of the French President of the Council of the European Union:” Restart, power, own “.

In essence you are the winner of compromises and double talks, but in form you are the master of constant insults. “, MEP lamented again.” How can you believe that you will do in Europe the opposite of what you did in France? “, Finally asked Manon Aubrey.

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