“Two weeks ago, I would have said that the whole of Donbass would be in the hands of the Russians in six months, and I say today that they will not succeed”

Ukrainian forces are currently conducting “counterattacks that make it possible to recapture positions or parts of the front, but cannot force Russia to retreat on a broad front,” a senior official in Weekly Focus assessed.

However, according to him, kyiv “acts intelligently (…) and conducts operations in a sovereign and highly mobile manner”.

“Two weeks ago, I would have said the whole of Donbas would be in Russian hands in six months. Today, I say they won’t win,” warns General Zorn.

An inspector from the German military, the Bundeswehr, further vindicates Berlin’s reluctance to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons.

He argues that the list of equipment already supplied by Germany is “substantial, both in terms of quantity and quality”.

But Germany, according to him, should not reduce its stake too much. “Everything we give up, we need in return.”

Faced with Vladimir Putin, who understood only the language of “power” and “for effective deterrence, we need troops” in Germany.

Especially since the Russian president, according to the Bundeswehr inspector, can open a new front: “Kaliningrad, the Baltic Sea, the Finnish border, Georgia, Moldova … there are many possibilities. Putin will have the skills.

“Although about 60% of its ground forces are engaged in combat in Ukraine, the ground forces, and especially the Russian Navy and Air Force, still have unstable capabilities,” he warns.

President Olaf Scholes has been pushing for Leopard-2 tanks from Kyiv in recent days, but also from his government coalition partners, with little success.

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