Pokemon Go players upset after the game asked them to “Scan Little Kids”

Noel Corbett

A Pokemon Go player has expressed some concern after receiving a strange research mission that asks them to “scan little kids.”

Among the most controversial features in Pokemon Go are the augmented reality mapping missions. This requires you to literally scan the areas surrounding PokeStops, which is awkward and can make you look somewhat suspicious.

To make matters worse, many PokeStops are located near places frequented by children or have names that, when taken out of context, are much less innocent.

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A Pokemon Go player shared another strange augmented reality task that asked them to “scan little kids.”

A Pokemon Go player gets a strange AR mapping task from an innocent PokeStop

Reddit user UltrasomethingFan56 shared A screenshot of the mission, noting that “AR mapping is wild.”

This of course sparked some backlash from other users.

“It would have been very awkward if the reward was candy,” one said, while another pointed out that 10 Poke Balls was still pretty weird.

The PokeStop itself is a cute looking statue that appears to show two young children sharing an umbrella. But the name of the piece as well as what the quest asks players to do may be understandable.

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Others pointed out strange PokeStops they encountered. These include the “Big Red Target Balls” (a reference to the large orbs outside many Target stores), a rooster statue called “Coq & Balls,” and a statue of the planet Uranus.

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