Pixel 8 debuts new Magnifier app, and recorder gets summaries

Along with the new Thermometer app, Google is introducing a new Magnifier app with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. The excellent Pixel Recorder app is also getting a “summarize” feature for recordings later this year.

This live magnifier app magnifies small print. You can of course replicate this functionality by manually taking a photo today, but Google offers a more personalized experience.

The viewfinder clearly follows Google Camera – the settings are also in the bottom left corner – with a shutter button to freeze the frame, flanked by zooming in and out. You can also quickly fire the flash while there is a quick “zoom reset” button.

After taking a still shot, Magnifier lets you analyze with Google Lens (to copy text via OCR), save it to your Pixel, and share it.

Looking ahead to December (feature drop), Recorder will get the ability to automatically “summarize” recordings. Simply open the session’s “Text” tab to find the new button, and Google will take a few seconds to generate bullet points. You have the ability to hide it and leave comments by swiping up/down. This joins the broader Google Assistant feature.

Finally, Recorder now has the simple ability to favorite recordings from the app bar.

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