PISA results: “I think that was expected”

“Queen Nicola” was due to arrive in Kent on December 6. A feminine and black version of Saint Nicholas will not exist in the end. “International Solidarity’s Alderwoman Krone Hafsa El-Basioui called Queen Nicola in the name of artistic expression and inclusive freedom.”, explains Alain Kubczyk, artist. The call quickly sparked a reaction on social networks. So the college decided to cancel his visit. In his editorial, the artist hopes to redefine Saint-Nicolas “In the name of colonialism and inclusion“” corresponds to a pattern Cultural appropriation“, WHO “It would be highly criticized and isolated if it were the work of a non-racial person”.

Controversy: Visit of Saint Nicholas, “Queen Nicola”, canceled in Kent

Other news of the day: Decline in education levels in Belgium. The OECD has published the latest results of its PISA study. French-speaking Belgian students have lower performance in maths (-21), reading (-7) and science (-6) in 2022 compared to 2018. The results raise questions about the state of teaching after the Covid-19 crisis. François de Vallée, director of the Saint-Joseph Institute in Charleroi, was not surprised by the results: “I think we can expect that the students tested this year in the PISA survey experienced the full brunt of the effects of the Covid crisis.”. According to him, another aspect should also be taken into account, namely the mentality of some students who are psychologically affected.

PISA results: Our teaching “didn’t hold up better than expected”, it fell slightly stronger…

A recent debate is about artificial intelligence. Is our government taking the threat seriously? Tomorrow, an important negotiation will take place at the European level to try to legislate on the matter. There are specific fears about AI’s potential threat to employment. According to Xavier Dubret, economist at the Joseph Jacquemot Foundation, “The rise of unemployment associated with artificial intelligence”.

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Mathieu Michael calls for digital citizenship courses to better address the excesses of artificial intelligence

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