Phil Spencer claims PlayStation wants to grow ‘by making Xbox smaller’

In the recent war of words over its proposed acquisition of Activision BlizzardAnd the MicrosoftThe CEO of the gaming company has claimed it SonyThe growth plan is “make X-Box smallest.”

Phil Spencer He made these comments during an interview with The second request podcast, where the exec claimed that Sony was “one of[Microsoft’s]main opponents.”[Microsoft[MicrosoftActivision]Deal.”

Sony is trying to protect its console dominance. The way they’re growing is to make the Xbox smaller, Spencer said.

“[Sony] The industry view is very different from what we have. They do not ship their games on the day and date computerThey don’t put their games in their subscription when they launch their games.”

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The ongoing battle over the deal that would see Microsoft take the reins of the games industry’s largest third-party publisher has faced significant opposition from both Sony and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic.

On Thursday, the American regulator She said she was trying to block the $68.7 billion deal Because it believes it will enable Microsoft to “suppress competitors” for its Xbox consoles, subscription content, and cloud gaming business.

“Sony is leading the conversation on why the deal wasn’t done to protect its dominant position on the console, so the thing they’re holding onto is Call of Duty,” Spencer told Second Request.

“The world’s largest console maker objects to the one franchise we said would continue to ship on the platform. It’s a deal that benefits customers through choice and access.”

Call of Duty, the single-player shooter franchise that regularly tops console game bestseller lists, could, in theory, become exclusive to Microsoft platforms after this deal.

However, since announcing Microsoft’s intention to acquire Activision Blizzard, the company has confirmed that it won’t be closing the game for at least a decade.

Much of the controversy surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition revolves around Call of Duty, which Sony claims it will somehow black out.

Last week, Microsoft chief Brad Smith provided more details in a dossier Wall Street Journal An editorial on the company’s presentation To preserve the Call of Duty franchise on PlayStation.

Then, Spencer took to Twitter to claim that Microsoft had committed to returning the franchise to Microsoft Nintendo hardware after a decade-long absence.

The last Call of Duty game was released on Nintendo The system was wii u A version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was released in 2013 and allowed players to use a Wii controller to control movement.