“People Burned Alive”: Israel Continues Its Attacks on Rafah After Bombing of Displaced Persons Camp

“Sadness”Washington called on its Israeli ally “Take all precautions to protect the public”. Canada said to herself “terrified” and French President Emmanuel Macron “unqualified”. About 10,000 people gathered near the Israeli embassy in Paris to condemn the bombing.

The crowd, some of them wearing kaffiyeh, waved Palestinian flags and held placards reading: “Jews or Palestinians, We Will Not Kill a Child: Stop the Bombing, Freedom for Palestine”, “Rafa, Casa we are with you”AFP noted.

emergency meeting

“I condemn Israel’s actions that have killed many innocent civilians seeking safety from this deadly conflict. There is no safe place in Gaza. These atrocities must end.”UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced his role.

Saying ‘wrong’ means nothing to those killed

“To say it was a mistake does nothing to those who were killed, those who are grieving and those who are trying to save lives.” Martin Griffiths, the head of UN humanitarian operations, described this.“disgusting” This is “attack”.

UN We learned from diplomatic sources on Monday that the Security Council will meet urgently on Tuesday afternoon.

The closed-door meeting was requested by Algeria, a non-permanent member of the council, several of the sources told AFP. UN to investigate “Full and transparent” In the Rafah blast.

The Palestinian Civil Defense reported several bodies “carbonated” A UN camp for Palestinian refugees northwest of Rafah. A fire destroyed the Bargasad displaced persons camp managed by the agency (UNRWA).

“We saw charred, mutilated bodies (…) Cases of amputations, injured children, women and the elderly”Mohammed al-Mukhair, a civil defense official in the Gaza Strip, testified.

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“Hell on Earth”

Images from the Palestinian Red Crescent designated by Israel the location targeted by the strike. “Like a humanitarian zone”Chaotic scenes, ambulances with sirens blaring and rescue workers in the middle of the night evacuating the injured, including children.

People were not injured or killed, they were burned alive

AFP images from the early morning hours after the strike show makeshift tents and charred remains of vehicles.

“People were not injured or killed, they were burned alive”24-year-old Mohammed Hamad testified. “My cousin’s daughter, a child no older than 13, was one of the ‘martyrs’. Her features were unrecognizable as the piece tore through her face.”.

“Last night’s pictures bear witness to Rafa becoming hell on earth”Philippe Lazzarini, head of UNRWA, announced that some of the agency’s staff were missing.

After the ICJ

The deadly strike on Rafah came hours after Hamas launched rocket attacks from Rafah into the Israeli city of Tel-Aviv, but the UN’s top court ordered it two days after the International Court of Justice ruling. Israel suspended its operations in Rafah on Friday.

According to the UN, the move has forced some 800,000 Palestinians to flee in nearly three weeks, forcing people who sought refuge in Rafah earlier in the war to return.

The war was sparked by an Oct. 7 attack on Israeli soil by Hamas commandos who infiltrated the Gaza Strip, killing more than 1,170 people, mostly civilians, according to an AFP tally based on official Israeli data.

On that day, 252 people were taken hostage inside the Palestinian territories, 121 of whom are still being held in Gaza, of whom 37 died, the military said.

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According to the health ministry of the Hamas administration in the Palestinian territories, Israel’s retaliation, which it says seeks to destroy Hamas, has killed at least 36,050 people in the Gaza Strip, mostly civilians.

Egypt, which has been a key mediator with Qatar and the United States in diplomatic efforts to reach a ceasefire, condemned it. Systematic bombing by Israeli forces of displaced people’s tents.

Qatar warns of possible Israeli attack on Rafah “Complicated Mediation Efforts” It comes at a time when the UN has warned of famine in the besieged Gaza Strip, with most hospitals out of service.

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