Boris Johnson faces the wrath of the Ukrainian activist at the full press conference

The British Prime Minister was severely challenged by a Ukrainian activist when he gave a press conference as part of his trip to Warsaw. Daria Galeniu, managing director of the Anti-Corruption Center, has condemned the UK’s failure to take swift action against Russians living in London. He also stressed to Boris Johnson that NATO countries are collectively refusing to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

One of my teammates is Pila Sergwa (a town near Kiev, editorial). She has two children and is very afraid that he will be shot“, She began to explain.”Ukrainian women and children are terrified of bombs and missiles falling from the sky, and the Ukrainian people are actively urging the West to protect our skies.“.

According to Daria Galeniu, Ukrainians are currently unable to leave the country and cross the border due to Russian bombings. “We have planes. We have an air defense system in Poland, Romania. NATO has this air defense. At the very least this air defense will protect western Ukraine. So these children and women can come to the border“, She hit.”It is said to trigger World War III, but what is the alternative, Prime Minister?

Impressed by the speech, Boris Johnson responded that the shooting down of Russian planes was tantamount to a direct confrontation with Russia. “This is not something we can do or consider, and I think the consequences can be really hard to control.“, He concluded.

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