Pension reform: A Russian media mocks the situation in France, “When will Macron start arming citizens?”

Pension reform in France will be implemented following the application of Article 49.3 of the Constitution. The French people have taken to the streets for a few days and expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision of the presidential camp.

Pictures of the “chaos” go around the world, showing burnt garbage cans, torn panels or looted shop windows. Russian media ignored these facts and covered the matter from top to bottom, sometimes adding false information to highlight a France on the brink of collapse.

Veran says there is no “rest” for “reforms”.

On March 24, Russia 24The Russian Continuous News media pledged in a statement that “Energy Department workers cut power to Paris police stations…surveillance camera system not working“, erroneous information. On Telegram, several photos are circulating that show fires on the streets, abandoned garbage cans and even rats roaming around the French capital. Images of clashes between demonstrators and order forces are also widely publicized and commented on. In particular, Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “When will Macron start arming French citizens to support democracy and the country’s sovereignty?“, he writes in Telegram. A reference to France’s military aid to Ukraine.

Denis Kolesnik, an expert on Central and Eastern Europe, explains at LCI that exaggerating these images and adding disinformation on the Russian side helps maintain the image.The decadent west“.”It was a policy aimed at showing the Russian people that things were not going well for others.“, he concludes.

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