Passenger slaps pilot for 13-hour flight delay: Wild video


He hit a fly boy.

Footage captured the wild moment when a passenger punched the pilot after learning the plane was delayed by 13 hours. A clip of the ground incident has been compiled 3.1 million views On X, where commentators embarrassed the man for his behavior.

The accident occurred on Sunday after an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa in India was delayed for 13 hours due to poor visibility due to dense fog sweeping the region, according to Jam Press.

Pilot Anup Kumar announced the situation, which apparently did not go down well with one of the passengers, identified as Sahil Kataria. India Today reported.

The footage shows the angry traveler – wearing a yellow jacket – advancing down the aisle and hitting the pilot with his open hand as onlookers scream in shock.

“If you want to fly, fly,” he shouted at Kumar, who was seen returning to the cockpit. “Otherwise, open the door.”

Passenger Sahil Kataria hits pilot Anup Kumar. Press Vid/TIM

At that point, a flight attendant stands between the two, while a fellow passenger, wearing a sky-blue hoodie, grabs Kataria and carries him back to his seat.

Then the aforementioned flight attendant burst into tears and lay on top of him, screaming: “This is what I did wrong.” You can't do that.”

A separate clip shows the passenger being escorted off the plane by armed guards, before he apologizes to Kumar in front of the camera.

Anup Kumar announces that the plane was delayed by 13 hours. Press Vid/TIM

Since then, both the pilot and the airline have filed police reports against Kataria, who was arrested by Delhi Police.

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Viewers were quick to shame the traveler over the assault.

“Frustration does not give a passenger the right to physically assault a crew member.” One announced.

last books“This lunatic should be placed on a no-fly list for at least 3 years.”

Kataria tries to apologize for the assault. Press Vid/TIM

However, others criticized IndiGo for its alleged gross incompetence before the incident. Many pointed out that the pilot did not mention the reason for the delay, although they acknowledged that this did not justify the attack.

“Airlines and passengers are wrong here.” One wrote. “X is full of complaints against Indigo as they do not inform passengers about the delay and status properly, and take them on a ride. On the other hand, no amount of frustration gives anyone the right to physically assault someone. This is criminal.”

Indeed, the incident comes amid a torrent of complaints directed at IndiGo: on Saturday, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte he claimed on Instagram She and her fellow passengers were trapped inside the jet bridge of the IndiGo flight at Mumbai airport for several hours due to a crew change.

“I had a flight at 8:30. It's 10:50 now and the plane hasn't boarded yet.” But the flight said we were about to board and put all the passengers in the bridge of the plane and locked it! Passengers with young children and elderly people were detained for more than an hour. Security won't open the doors. Staff have absolutely no clue!

She added: “I managed to escape briefly to talk to the very stupid employee outside who kept saying there was no problem and no delay 🙂 Now I'm locked inside and they just told us that we will be here until at least 12 noon. Locked. No water and no Toilet. Thanks for the fun trip!!”

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