OpenAI has launched the official ChatGPT app for Android

On July 21, OpenAI revealed its plan to launch the Android version of its popular artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT software, ChatGPT, in the next week. The launch follows its launch for iOS users in May.

The company announced the launch in a tweet and introduced a pre-order page in the Google Play Store, allowing users to sign up for installation once the app is ready.

This announcement follows OpenAI’s recent efforts to enhance the integrity and transparency of its tools through initiatives such as watermarking content. The company has come under scrutiny over concerns about misinformation generated by artificial intelligence.

OpenAI highlights the improved security measures of the Android app compared to the web version. It will also offer features like chat history sync across devices, similar to the iOS version.

By offering Android and iOS apps, OpenAI competes directly with Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which also uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. Apps are an alternative way to test large language models (LLMs) without relying on a web browser.

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The release coincides with Google rolling out the Bard chatbot in the European Union and Brazil. Other competitors are also emerging, such as Anthropic, with its Claude 2 assistant, which offers functionality beyond OpenAI’s paid version of ChatGPT. ChatGPT experienced a drop in traffic in June – the first since its launch.

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ChatGPT and other AI-powered chatbots have been widely embraced by the crypto community, with some even using the technology to develop new codes.

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