One in four drivers continue to drive with winter tires in summer: here's why this practice is dangerous

As the mercury begins to rise and spring rears its fearful head, TRAXIO, together with its tire association Federtyre & its PneuBand Commission, presents an urgent appeal to all motorists: it's time to plan to switch from winter tires to summer tires. This step, often overlooked, is of capital importance to road safety and vehicle performance.

According to Philippe Rylant, spokesman for TRAXIO, winter tires lose their performance once the temperature exceeds 7°C. “Driving with winter tires in summer is legal, but has a negative effect on car handling and road safety.“, he underlined. In fact, many big disadvantages emerge when winter tires are used in hot weather, such as long braking distances, poor handling, especially for heavy and loaded vehicles or poor handling. Faster tire wear.

Tests conducted by ADAC in 2021 demonstrated that braking distances were significantly increased with winter tires in hot weather in both dry and wet conditions. Additionally, handling and stability are compromised, especially when vehicles are heavily loaded.

A survey conducted by TRAXIO found that despite these risks, one in four drivers continue to use winter tires during the summer, potentially putting road safety at risk. Of the 1,000 vehicles tested during the “Rolling Wheel” study, 19% were found to be fitted with winter tires and 5% continued to use them during the summer.

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To avoid these risks, TRAXIO strongly recommends that motorists schedule their tire rotation now. This process helps to check the tread depth and general condition of the tires, important components for the safety and longevity of the tires.

In conclusion, changing winter tires to summer tires is a simple but important step to ensure safety on the road.

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