During a demonstration in support of Iranian women in Paris, Sandrine Rousseau shouted: “Get out! Get out the collaborators!”

Sandrine Rousseau came to support a demonstration in support of Iranian women in Paris, but things did not go as planned. In fact, the member was shouted at from all sides by the ladies present. “Get out!”, “Collaborators out!” People gathered at the scene of the insult chanted. On stage, the green member also had the right to whistle.

But the opposition Paris M.P. Why were they treated so harshly? Questionable are his intransigent positions in the face of Islamist “socialist” visions. Sandrin Rousseau told our colleagues from the Parisian: “I am very staunch on Islamism here in France and I have no problem saying so. Before proceeding: I stand for the freedom of women everywhere she finished.

The demonstration was punctuated by a string of slogans: “Join the First Feminist Revolution!” or “Masha Amini, your name shook the tyranny of the Ayatollahs”, Death of the Islamic Republic“,”Death to the Dictator“and”Women. Life. freedom”.

As a reminder, these events occur later The death of young Masha Amini Happened in Iran a few weeks ago. At least 92 people have now been killed in Iran due to the crackdown on protests.

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