On January 2, more than 19,000 patients were admitted to the hospital

Hospital stress due to Covid-19 has been steadily increasing over the past 24 hours, with more than 19,000 hospitalized patients, including more than 3,500 serious cases, according to figures from Public Health France.

French hospitals welcome a total of 19,043 Kovid patients, up from 18,811 the previous day. In 24 hours, they admitted 652 new patients, down from the previous two days (1,102 on Saturday and 1,928 on New Year’s Eve).

Critical Care Services, which treats the most severe forms of the disease, cares for 3,572 patients (3,560 on Saturday), including 101 new additions. This indicator has been steadily rising since November 2021.

At present, authorities do not know the impact of the new variant of Omicron, which spreads highly contagious infections and hospitalizes patients.There is a difference of two weeks to three weeks“Between contamination and hospitalization, epidemiologist Eric Coms recalled Sunday.

According to epidemiologist Arnaud Fontaine, a member of the Science Council, “The number of cases is expected to peak in mid-January“And”The peak hospitalization can happen a week later“.

On the pollution side, this Sunday (58,432) figures are not significant and are being tested for some over the weekend.

In the last seven days, on average, more than 160,000 people have been affected, more than double the number a week ago. The positive rate associated with the number of trials rose to 15.8% (up from 8% a week ago).

In 24 hours, 91 people died from Govt disease, bringing the total death toll to 123,942 since the outbreak began.

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